About the Division of MSK, Diagnostics, Therapies and Trauma

As well as providing elective MSK services we undertake trauma care for patients arriving in St Peter’s hospital via our 24 hour Adult and Paediatric Emergency Departments which sees approximately 96,000 attendances annually.

Elective Surgery for Surrey iMSK is mainly undertaken at Ashford Hospital and patients recuperate On Dickens Ward.  Trauma proceedures are undertaken at St Peters Hospital with patients recuperating on Swan Ward.

Our Imaging Department provides a Trustwide service with a multidisciplinary team of approximately 105 wte including  17 consultants and a 7 strong nursing team to support interventional work and recovery.

Our Pharmacy Team consists of 77 full and part-time staff, both Pharmacists and Technicians to provide a Trustwide Service

Pathology which is part of a wider pathology network –  Berkshire and Surrey Pathology Services.  Services at the St Peters site include a hot lab for emergency diagnostics, point of care diagnostics, Virology, Immunology, Cytology, Phlebotomy, Infection Control.